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Do not fight the hold that the genetic code has on you. It’s too strong. If you do try and fight, you end up down one of either two roads. One, you become the meek. The meek shall inherent the earth? Right. Two, the genetic code changes. You are now in unknown territory. Only one man can find himself down this path at any one time. Embracing the orders sent to you by General gene is the only way. Following commands of the code, the human is subject to a paradox. Are you aware of this fact? Your average member of society beleives he is a thread in a social fabric with the sole intent of striving towards some unachievable sense of harmony. True in some respects. Add the fact you’re complying for extremely egotistical reasons. Now we’re getting somewhere. Think about it. What are you made of? Cells. Organsims fixated on self replication. At the micro level different types of cells proliferate at different rates. At the macro level a human is a form of cell. Pay attention. The offspring is a direct approximate copy, combining characteristics of both father and mother. The offspring is the father and mother. Consciousness is not hereditary. Consciousness is not passed down because consciousness is incapable of being possessed. We are clones.

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